10 Reasons EVERYBODY Needs A Personal Trainer…

Here’s the top 10 reasons why I believe EVERYBODY could benefit from having a Personal Trainer. Some people may relate to one point, other may relate to a few a obviously there’ll be some people who think “Yes All Of Those Point Sound Like ME” …..                                                                                                                                              …



1)… You learn how to do stuff the right way. The perfect techniques for every exercise, the perfect workout structure and order. This maximises workout efficiency AND results.


2)… You get the support and accountability from your personal trainer which you need to get back into routine again if you’ve lost motivation or had time off the gym.


3)… Your personal trainer won’t listen to the bullshit excuses you make to yourself. You are the person you are today due to the series of CHOICES & DECISIONS you have made to this date in time. You make the decisions for literally EVERYTHING you do. The decisions you make will simply take you TOWARDS your goal or, FURTHER AWAY from your goal. With every decision you have 2 CHOICES:
Left: Can’t Do Because…
Right: Can Do Despite…
ALWAYS choose Right!!!


4)… You’ll ALWAYS see faster results with your personal trainer compared to going it alone.


5)… You have an appointment set so you have to go. You have a set time to be there. Your personal trainer is waiting. 99% of the time, even after a shitty day when left to your own accord you would definitely make an excuse to yourself… If you have a session booked – you’re going – NO MATTER WHAT! And guess what? You’ll leave the gym in a much better mood than you went in AND be GLAD you went. But without your session booked – you’re eating junk food and not hitting the gym after a long ass, stressful shitty day.


6)… You’ve paid for it. That should also motivate you to get your money’s worth.


7)… Chances are, you’ll work harder in your PT sessions than you would by yourself. You can’t just go through the motions. You can’t half ass reps and you can’t cut the session short – all things you’re likely to do when working out on your own.


8)… EVERYONE needs a physical challenge to be constantly challenging your body and pushing to new levels. Your personal trainer knows what you can and cannot do. He/she believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. They’ll push you to do what IS possible, even when you’re saying “I Can’t, I Can’t, I Can’t”. “I Can’t” – is on your Personal Trainer’s list of BANNED WORDS! YOU CAN – but you won’t – until your trainer proves to you that YOU CAN!


9)… It’s more enjoyable. Plenty people have told me that they’ve never actually enjoyed working out so much in all their life. Something they never EVER thought they’d hear themselves say.


10)… They FORCE you to improve and constantly become better and better which starts to rub off in all areas of your life.


Final word, not every personal trainer has a good level of knowledge. Even their before and after pictures are fake/misleading. To become a trainer you can be qualified to take on clients within 72 HOURS!

A good trainer should have good proof and reviews. Maybe not on the internet as sometimes clients do not wish to be in the limelight – but PT companies should have a file of results of their past clients on paper to show you what is possible in certain time frames.

The internet can be misleading and very confusing trying to figure out the best way to do things. Your personal trainer keeps up with the trends and research to always know what it and isn’t effective for producing results.

Although this list recommends hiring a personal trainer… Hiring a good trainer isn’t always easy.