Train with me for 21 days following my TRIED - TESTED - AND PROVEN 21 Day Program.

21 Day Fat Flushing Diet Plan Designed To Work Alongside My Training System...

In over 18 months, every single person who has followed this 21 day plan thoroughly has lost a minimum of one jean size (men) dress size (women) and melted jaw dropping amounts of FAT off their body...

People from all different walks of life.

It's scientifically designed based on years and years of my own study and research and put quite simply IT WORKS!

I'm that confident...

If you don't lose one clothes size in 21 days... AND  don't start to feel generally amazing within the first 7-10 days - I'll insist on giving you your money right back.

EVERYBODY who has tried it, and the people I have following it right now always report back to me with the same thoughts - They feel the best they have ever felt for years!

This is your chance to follow this program and receive results within 21 days ready for Christmas 2017...

Women - drop a FULL clothes size within 21 days and feel confident in Bikini, Shorts & Skinny Jeans again...

Men - get back into those jeans which have gotten a little tight. Shape up and gain lean mass to chest, shoulders and arms to look better in that good shirt - all whilst losing inches from your belly...

Let's Cut To The Chase And Tell You What's Involved, What's Included & The Price....

#1) 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Diet Plan

My own diet program which is responsible for helping 100's of local people transform their lives. This isn't just a diet plan. It's a scientific based, tried and tested program which proves rapid results - every time it's followed!

  • Full Body Cleanse

    Rid your body of toxins preventing you from losing weight

  • Optimize Your Fat Loss Hormones

    It’s common to have a sluggish metabolism and suppressed hormones which you need for fat burning. This program will fix it!

  • Thousands of Health Benefits

    People generally report feeling a million times better all round, within the first 7 days of following this diet system.

#2) A Custom Made Personally Tiered Gym Training Plan

Not sure what to do in the gym for the best? We've got you FULLY COVERED! As part of this 21 day rapid fat flush challenge, you'll get a training plan to follow. There'll be no guess work. It'll be designed for you and your level of fitness and ability.

  • Progression Is Built In

    People often do the same thing for months. If you do that, you’ll get no where! This plan has the constant progress built in so you’ll never hit a wall!

  • It's Like Having A Personal Trainer With You 24/7

    It’ll be like having a personal trainer whenever you need.. You’ll be coming to the gym knowing exactly what to do and how to do it. Warm Up, Complete Plan, Complete Abs Blast, Cardio Plan, Cool Down. Everything will be planned for you from start to finish every session.

  • Reps, Sets, Weights, Rest?

    Not sure how many reps to do, how many sets to do, how much rest to have, how much weight to lift? It’ll all be totally mapped out for you to complete SAFELY so you never hurt yourself by doing the wrong things.

#3) UNLIMITED Gym Membership To My Gym In Blaydon

This one is pretty self explanatory. But here's some pictures to show the facilities down here which you'll have access too for 21 days. It's obvious that for the 21 day challenge you will need to put in some graft in the gym for best results.... You don't have to suffer through insane workouts, but you'll have to get in 3 or 4 times per week and do something and build up!

#4) UNLIMITED ACCESS To All Classes We Offer

Again pretty self explanatory. But classes include Spinning, High Intensity Circuit Training, Boxercise, Functional Training & Bootcamps.

Monday 5.45 – 6.15pm – Spinning (Ann)
Monday 6.30 – 7.15pm – Boxercise Bootcamp (Ann)

Tuesday 6.15 – 7pm – HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) –  (Si)

Wednesday 6.15 - 6.45pm - H.I.T (Ann)
Wednesday 7.00 – 7.30pm – Spinning (Ann)

Thursday 6.15 – 7pm – Functional Bootcamp (Si)

Friday 5.45 – 6.15pm – Spinning (Ann)

These are the 5 areas we use to run our classes a sneak peak at some of the equipment we use. We will only ever use the outdoor space if the weather is fine and will never be forced to go outside. Sometimes, when the sun is shining, it's nice to get some outdoor workouts in though!

#5) Access To Our CLOSED DOORS Private Facebook Coaching/Support Group

Post pictures and ask questions. I am active in there everyday to answer anything you need regarding your diet, training, supplements - anything at all. Also get thoughts of all other active members on different health/fitness subjects. It has over 80 active, like minded men & women on their health & fitness journey sharing their good days, bad days and struggles.

#6) Access To TRAINERIZE

You'll Use Our NEW Advanced Training App To Follow, Track & Progress Your Workouts.

It's inevitable you'll hit a brick wall, a plateau. With MOST programs, the plateau is built right into the program. With our software, you'll constantly follow an EASY, NATURAL progression so that your progress NEVER STOPS and you keep moving forward week after week towards your dream physique.

#7) Daily Support From Me & The Team

Access to me daily via text, phone, email, whatsapp Facebook chat. Iv'e got you covered. 11 Years worth of constant study, experience and research ready to answer anything you need.

Finally... #8) Your Personal Training Sessions

We used to offer 4 levels of training.

But research and time has shown... People who got started without any Personal Training or just ONE session with me per week - didn't really get any results and those that do include 2 or more sessions with me per week ALWAYS get the best results.

So... Now, the 21 day packages comes set with 6x PT sessions so you'll complete 2 sessions with me each week for the 3 weeks.

Over the years I have spoken with a lot of people who've said "Ohhh I'm definitely motivated. I'll definitely come by myself and push myself hard."

In my time here, I've never seen anybody get anywhere near the RESULTS and PROGRESS when working by themselves as compared to when they are working with me.

Here's A Quick Look At What Others Had To Say Who Iv'e Worked With In The Past...

MALE or FEMALE You'll Be 100% Amazed By Your Results After 21 Days..... And You've Got Nothing To Lose Since It's RISK FREE!

 HOWEVER..... NEWSFLASH!!!! You Will Have To Put In Some Graft, You Cannot Just Get Fit n Toned n Lean Without Some Hard Work!!!!

But if you've got the hard work, we've got everything else covered....

Anxious? Not Sure What To Do? Not Motivated Enough? Worried Everyone Will Look At You If You Dunno What You're Doing? Sick Of Not Seeing Results And Want To See FAST RESULTS?

You've got our support, it's really not intimidating and nobody will judge you. Everybody in the gym is there to do their own thing and in my facility, nobody cares about what others are doing - they're too focused on their own work!

  • Research Based Tips

    We’ll Teach You Our Secrets To Optimise & Maximise RAPID FAT LOSS Within 14 Days!!

  • Tried & Tested Program

    We’ll Write You A Training Plan Using Our Tried & Tested Methods So There’s No Guess Work AT ALL!!

  • Proven Rapid Fat Loss Diet Plan

    We’re Hitting You Up With A Rapid Fat Loss DIET PLAN – Proven To Work E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E!!

  • Gym & Classes Included

    I’m Giving You Access To Everything We Offer Here. Gym, Weights, Cardio Room & All Classes!


100% Double Edged Money Back GUARANTEE!

If at any point throughout the 21 days you aren’t satisfied or feel in any way the program is not delivering what you expected, you can have 100% of your money back at any point!

If you do not start to feel the best you have ever felt after just 7 days you can have 100% of your money back!

If you do not lose at least one clothes size MALE OR FEMALE within 21 days and feel Fitter, Healthier, More Vitalized, Stronger, Less Stressed with Boosted Energy Levels & More Self Confidence waking up every day with new super levels of Focus & Motivation to become the best version of your own self that you can possibly be….

You can have 100% of your money back at the end! No Hard Feelings. No Questions Asked!


Soo... A Quick Recap Of Everything You'll Receive As Soon As You Sign Up...

#1) 21 Day Fat Flush Manual

Once you have read the 21 day diet manual, you will know exactly what you need to do and how to get started.

#2) Account Details To Start Setting Up Your Personal Training Plan

You'll receive account details to login to trainerize. Once you've logged in you'll need to setup your profile and answer the questionnaire which includes questions I NEED the answers too so that I can create your training program from scratch. Questions about your ability, goals, fitness level, how many days and what days you can train.

This is NOT a generic training plan where every Tom, Dick & Harry gets the same one. It's personalized and it takes me time and effort to create every persons plan from scratch.

#3) Your 21 Day Digital Gym Pass To Access All Gym & Classes

#4) Your Secret Link To Access Hidden Facebook Support Group

Bonus #1) Documentation which includes, recipes & meal ideas for the 21 Day Diet Plan

Bonus #2) A FREE Copy of my book

"14 Tips To Fast Track Your Fat Loss" will help you layout your day and teach you more about controlling your calories, protein, carbs and fats and teach you how THIS TIME you won't just quick fix your fat loss and rebound in a few weeks time. THIS TIME IS THE LAST TIME where we DESTROY the fat cells on your body by using my diet and training plan to SKYROCKET your metabolism & FLICK ON the FAT BURNING SWITCH!

Bonus #3) Workout Template

You've Come This Far - So I Want To Tell You The Next Step... How To Get Started (AND THE PRICE)

We don't allow just ANYONE & EVERYONE! In fact - I have a clear list of criteria you MUST MEET if you want my help!

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I've told you what to expect from me and everything you receive as part of this 21 Day Challenge Course. I think when you see the PRICE on the next page by clicking Continue... It'll be clear we are the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY given everything you receive.