About My Diet & Training Plans

I wanted to touch on a couple of points I made on my Facebook page this week.   Firstly, congratulations to one of my members Katie Sheps, she completed her 11th week weigh in and has now lost 5kg and 71cm’s altogether moving down to a size 10/12. 18cm’s of the total 71 were from her…

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Pork & Noodle Stir Fry

Ingredients& Preperation: –          4 Pork Steaks, diced –          2 Baskets of egg noodles –          3 tbsp low salt light soy sauce –          1 tbsp organic honey –          Juice of 1 orange –          1 tbsp coconut oil –          3 garlic cloves, crushed –          Some crushed dried chillies, to taste –          Piece of fresh ginger finely chopped…

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Why Have A Personal Trainer Anyway?

Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer Personal trainers are not just for stars or athletes. I truly believe that every single one of us can benefit by working with their own personal trainer. Have you ever tried to get into the gym and given up within a couple of months? A personal trainer will…

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