September Motivation…

Crazy month last month.

Lot’s going on for me.

Ava’s 3rd birthday.

Booked our wedding.

Booked and paid our first pre wedding honey moon.

Celebrated 6 years in business.

Celebrated 8 years of being together with Samantha.

Now, back to business.

September is a BIG MONTH – typically – in the fitness industry.

A lot of our usual regulars who we’ve never seen over the summer weeks get back into routine. Maybe you’ve been the same?

A lot of people who’ve been wanting to join up but couldn’t due to the kids summer holidays.

Basically…. A lot of people can now create and fix their routine and make watching their health & fitness a part of their daily habits.

September is a good month to get started.

If you want to make changes, there has to be a day when you say enough is enough.

That’s it. Can’t keep going week in week out with this lifestyle.

Let’s stop eating shite.

Let’s stop drinking too much.

Let’s stop being lazy.

Let’s make a stand.

Let’s get focused.


There will NEVER be a perfect time to start!

There is nobody that will make that start for you. You have to say “RIGHT! THAT’S IT! It’s time to start looking after my health.”

A lot of people make that stand in September.

If YOU, want to get started too… Here are your options:

  1. Join the gym. Get Started FREE!

Need extra support, not sure what to do on your own? Consider a package.
2a) 6 Week Belly Blast Bootcamp
2b) 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Package


About The Gym

The gym I’ve created is perfect for some people. But not everyone.

To start the gym you have to make an appointment to come and sign up. You may also get an induction to the gym too.

So you pop in, or call and make that appointment.

Once it’s booked all you need to do is turn up and get started.

But we get SOOO MANY no shows and cancellations of these new starter appointments.

I get it.

Life is busy.

Stuff going on. Work. Home. Family. Life.

But on top of that, this one is the biggy…

Anxiousness. Nerves. Confusion.

Worried about walking in for the first time.

Worried about meeting the gym staff for the first time.

Worried the gym will be scary and intimidating.

Worried people will be looking at you and judging what you’re doing.

Worried you’ll look stupid because you don’t know what you’re doing.

There is nothing to be worried about. Honestly.

This place is so calm, relaxing and friendly.

Everybody is too busy focusing on their own thing to take notice what others are doing.

It’s not busy. There will never be queues for machines. You’ll always get done what you want.

It’s not a hard core gym.

It’s a local, small, friendly community gym – but where people work hard and they get results.

My members will be quicker to help than they are to judge.

(And for my members who are reading this, I love each and every one of you. You keep this place ticking and make it what it is)

When it comes to structuring your workouts for the best – we can help there too.

We’ll meet you outside for your appointment and walk in with you for your first time.

As long as you have the desire to get started we can guide you.

The last thing is motivation. We can’t get started for you. If you need that extra motivation and support – you might consider one of the packages to help get you started – rather than just joining the gym on your own. More expensive than the gym – yeah – but – a very good investment in yourself.

Whatever you choose.

2017 is running out.

Finish it STRONG!

It’s 15 weeks till Xmas.

Make that stand NOW – and by the festive period you’ll be feeling great. Happier in yourself. Better mood. Improved energy. Have that confidence back in yourself. Carrying yourself better. Fitting in those clothes better that are getting a little too tight?

You only have one set of lungs. One heart. One lot of blood. One brain. One body. You MUST LOOK AFTER IT! Nobody else will look after it for you or do the hard work for you.

It’s gotta be all you.