August Offers…

August is a big month for me AND for Simon Coles Fitness Services…


1) It’s 6 years this month since I was MADE REDUNDANT. I was down and depressed, struggling to pay for our home, pay bills and I also had to sell my car. We struggled – BIG TIME… But after so long – enough was enough. I managed to pick myself up, dust myself off and after weeks of studying how to start my own business – that’s when Simon Coles Fitness Services was born. Just doing bootcamps. Further progressed into PT and now into the fitness centre I have today. It’s Simon Coles Fitness Services 6th birthday this month.


2) It’s 8 years since me and Samantha (My Fiancee) got together. We had known each other for 1 or 2 years previous through mutual friends but it was 8 years ago that we met on a night out in Players, The Gate, Newcastle. We continued dating for a while and didn’t make it Facebook official until the August 2009.


3) We’ve just booked our WEDDING and paid a big chunk off the deposit. 2 years time 10th of August 2019. That’s the date we got together 8 years ago. When we get married in 2 years time it’ll be our our 10 year anniversary that we’ve been together.


4) It’s our 3rd born – Avas 3rd birthday this month too.


So… I’m celebrating those things this month… and in celebration… there’s going to be some fitness offers.


7 day free pass is back…


12 Week Exclusive PT Package… Includes 24 PT sessions. Diet plan. Gym membership. Classes membership. Training App. Before and after measurements. Usually £285. Offer until 31st of August just £220. Expect to drop 2 clothes sizes in 12 weeks with this.


If you don’t have 2 clothes sizes to lose – expect to be leaner, fitter, stronger, harder, more toned, healthier, feeling better and more confident about yourself.


For 24 PT sessions you can easily pay upwards of £350. PLUS you get all those extras free.


My existing loyal PT members… rest assured you can have this offer too if you like.


Not everybody can get onto this 12 Week Package… It’s by APPLICATION ONLY. APPLY HERE…


6 Week Belly Blast Bootcamp will be £30 instead of £54.


21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Package would have had a discount on but is sold out and very popular at the moment.


Special offer on standard gym memberships for new members signing up on direct debit too – NO SIGN UP FEES AT ALL.


For all offers, packages and memberships… CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS!